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About Adobe XD

Adobe is a well known brand in the creative industry and its release of Adobe XD has spiked many UX professional’s interest. The product aspires to be the all-in-one tool for our profession: wireframes, visual design, interaction design, prototyping, previewing and sharing. It is built to support the design process for everything that lives on a screen. This could be a website, an app, a Game UI, a wearable, product-embedded screens like on your fridge or coffee machine, or in-car UI.

XD is closing a gap in the plethora of tools for designers, creatives and marketers that Adobe already has available. It is Adobe’s first design tool designed for designers. Built from scratch, on the most modern tech stack, with a fresh and open mind and in a user centered and community driven way, applying the iterative methodology designers strive to apply for their own design process.

Meet us at UX Camp Amsterdam!

Adobe comes to UXcampAMS18 to share very exciting! The brand new Adobe XD Starter Plan is free. This isn’t a limited time deal—it’s a new, permanent offering alongside our other Creative Cloud plans. And it’s not an abridged version of the app, either, it’s the real thing. None of XD’s design and prototyping features have been dialed back. You can create an unlimited number of project files, each containing thousands of artboards. The Starter Plan only limits you to sharing one prototype and one set of design specs at a time, but you can export locally and to services like Zeplin and Avocode with no limits. This fully lowers the barriers for Adobe XD for anyone practicing design, whether you’re a student, a new professional, or you’ve just been curious about Adobe XD and haven’t yet tried it. Get it here.