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About us

Nomensa is an award-winning UX design agency, founded in 2001, with offices in Bristol, London and Amsterdam. Driven by the philosophy of ‘humanising technology’, we capitalise on our unique expertise in psychology, user-centric design, accessibility and technology to create meaningful digital experiences that resonate with users.

Why UX matters to us

UX design and research have been the backbone of what we do here at Nomensa since the beginning. We believe that the internet should be inclusive to all, and that by harnessing emotions and generating digital estates that tap into the human experience, we can mould technology around the needs of the user.

Through our brilliant (and ever-growing) team of UX consultants, writers and designers, we create innovative and immersive experiences that drive long lasting digital transformations. We believe in collaboration and work closely with our partners to dig deep into user needs and deliver tangible results.

Meet us at UX Camp Amsterdam!

Alongside producing visually compelling digital content, we specialise in usability testing, information architecture, user interviews, user journey maps, analytics reviews and ethnographic research. Our Amsterdam branch is expanding and so we are looking for new partners, contacts or even future-Nomensans.