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About us

Marktplaats has been The Netherlands’ leading classifieds site for the past 18 years. Every month they help 8 million people connect with each other to exchange second-hand or new goods and services. Our mission is to help you buy and sell in 5 minutes with a smile! :-)

Why UX matters to us

We have been on a journey bringing design thinking to our organization for the past two years. We care deeply about understanding our customers, building sustainable and delightful solutions, and raise the bar for classifieds platforms all around the world. Through empathy and clever design we influence our culture, organization, strategy and products to become better every day.

Meet us at UX Camp Amsterdam!

We believe that UXCampAMS is a great environment to share knowledge and experiences, to help each other be better, so that we can all make more impact for our customers all over the world. We are happy to support any event supporting and promoting this!