About us

Technological advancement and the data revolution have pushed the boundaries of science and medicine. Discoveries unimaginable a generation ago are uncovered every day. At Elsevier, we recognize the potential for scientists and clinicians to find new answers, reshape human knowledge and tackle the most urgent global crises.

We want to make analysis easier for everyone working in science and medicine, enabling them to manage their work more efficiently and spend more time making breakthroughs. That’s why Elsevier is evolving. Growing from our roots in publishing, we’re creating analytical solutions to serve the needs of science and health.

Why UX matters to us

Building advanced analytical tools and platforms for today's challenges in science and medicine requires ambitious and dedicated individuals from a wide range of different fields and disciplines to communicate and collaborate. "Design" as a discipline and mindset hereby takes the catalyst role in this complex setup, focusing teams on asking the right questions and solving the right problems. Our user experience teams count around 100 individuals, together covering a wide range of topics from experience strategy, user research, branding and design systems, UI design and prototyping, accessibility assessment and more. User Experience design matters to us simply because we could not address today's big challenges without it!

Meet us at UX camp AMS

Learn more about Elsevier and how we "do" UX at the UXcamp Amsterdam! We will be present with a stand, but also have our team pitch and share their UX and product stories themselves. Hope to see you there!