Whoop Whoop - First Batch of Tickets - "SOLD" OUT!

Congratulations UX'ers. Last year, the first batch of 50 tickets "Sold" out in just under an hour. This year, you've surpassed that....with ease. The first 60 tickets for UXcampAMS17 were gone in just 30 mins. 

We have registrations from across Europe including attendees from Berlin, Bratislava, Cologne, Gdynia, Kiev, Prague and Warsaw. We look forward to welcoming you all and are super pleased to see that you're all as enthusiastic as us for this years event.

Don't Panic

We've had a few tweets and DM's from anxious souls who missed out on the early bird tickets. All we can say is...


There are PLENTY more tickets to go around. We've had questions on our ticket release strategy and timings, but trust us, we know what we're doing and there are some pretty good (but very dull) reasons as to why we have gone for a phased ticket release. Just know this. We're here for you and our primary focus is to put on the best possible event!

Next Release

So, if you are on the look out for tickets, set your alarms for THURSDAY 2nd March @ 12:00 Midday (CET) - As this will be when the next batch of tickets will be released.

Good luck!

How you'll be feeling after securing your UXcampAMS17 ticket

How you'll be feeling after securing your UXcampAMS17 ticket