Old Friends Join the Party. Sponsor #3 Announced

UXcampAMS are pleased to announce our third sponsor for this years event. Please give it up for..


As many of you know, Mirabeau also sponsored UXcampAMS16. In addition, they've also hosted AmsterdamUX and Amsterdam UX Cocktail Hours Meetups and sponsored UXcampNL, all within the last 12 months. It's fair to say that Mirabeau are very supportive of the UX community in the Netherlands. You guys rock.

Last year, not only did Mirabeau sponsor the event, but they also contributed to the programme with an excellent presentation on AI & UX. We're hoping that they have some more great content for us all again this year.

We'll be hooking up with the Mirabeau guys in the coming weeks to give you insight into what Mirabeau are currently working on and what they have planned for UXcampAMS17.

Stay tuned!

Mirabeau at UXcampAMS16

Mirabeau at UXcampAMS16