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I decided to give the talk about lovability and how to measure it, because I felt it was knowledge that everyone could benefit from. I was excited about the idea to share the knowledge. But I also was anxious because I imagined that the subject lovability might be too ‘far out’ for people. But because I knew everything about the subject, I felt confident I could get the interest of at least some people.

I was very surprised that the talk was getting so many raised hands during the pitch. It was thrilling but also slightly daunting to do the talk in the big room. But people were engaged during the talk, and I connected with many people afterwards to share some personal experiences.

My advice for potential speakers:

  • Know what you want to focus your presentation on. Don’t make it to broad.

  • Be passionate about the subject.

  • Be excited to share something with the UX community.

  • Don’t worry about what the audience might think of you. Focus on how you can bring them your ideas or learnings.

  • Prepare your ‘pitch’ for the madness session. It will help to focus you on your subject.


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Anna and I spoke at UXCampAMS18 about "Cultural differences and their impact on design". We spoke on this topic at a meetup in our office and also at UX Camp Helsinki. We felt that this is a topic that needs discussion and what better place than UXCampAMS which sees the participation from a diverse set of passionate individuals! We tried to tweak the content in a way to evoke discussion throughout the talk to make it an engaging experience for everyone. The talk helped us get some feedback and also triggered interesting discussions. This helped us to iterate for the next occasions when we spoke on this topic.

UX Camp is a safe space to bring up topics for discussion with the community. As long as you are genuine about what you want to share and more importantly, learn, I would definitely encourage you to prepare for a session!


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I wanted my talk to bridge my two areas of expertise: AI and Design, to experiment if that’s something the UX community is interested in. UXcamp was the ideal place for this as it’s open for new types of talks.

It was very exciting to plan and practice my talk. I decided to cut nearly half of it after a trial run. The other thing that I found very exciting was practising my lightning talk: I wanted to make sure people were enthusiastic to see my talk so that I would end up on the agenda (it worked: I think my talk was voted on most! 😂)

The outcome was a lot of enthusiastic discussions: during the talk and afterwards. I’m still chatting with people from India on this topic. I redid the talk a couple of times at different venues.

If you’re thinking about running a session, just do it. It’s a lot of fun to talk at UXcamp! My main advice would be to practice and listen to feedback.